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I’ve been doing a writing workshop (30 Questions To Bring You Closer To Your Wild Heart by Jeanette LeBlanc), which, as the title suggests, gives 30 writing prompts to, well, bring you closer to your wild heart. I’ll post some of the prompts and my subsequent responses here, in an attempt to get over the fear of sharing some of my more intimate writing

“To Whom Do You Belong?”
The day I realized I was owned was the best and worst of my life.
The clarity of my subservience
like a hammer to my temple, left me reeling
Exchanging control for perceived comfort
I settled into a pattern of apology
It was clearly laid out
Who I am
What I’m allowed to be
What I can afford to be
How the world should see me.
They wrapped me in it
until I absorbed these “truths” fully
All the while they basked in their god-given freedoms
But the revelation broke through
I am no less than a goddess woven from stars
Held up by a wild, untrammeled coven of pure feminine power
All that is asked is that I belong wholly to myself
So over dinner I stated my case
“This does not suit me
I am done being a shadow instead of a light”
As I stood from the table
I expected my legs to shatter
from the weight of what I’d just done
My heart to turn to dust
my body to pixellate in the unrealistic pipe dream
of living a life of my own
But my feet formed roots
my spine lengthened
my heart extended past my thickening skin
and formed a soft glow that touched all things
my gaze lifted
along with the corners of my mouth
I deserve unconditional love
I am everything I will ever need.


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2 comments on “To Whom Do You Belong?

  1. Cali says:

    Oh my god this is so beautiful. ❤ ❤


    1. Thank you so much ❤


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