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heavy heart. heavy heart. sponge and mud and blood and lead. heavy heavy. my brain is liquid. mush. i cannot breathe. i gasp. i grasp for my sisters hands. so heavy. boots in mud. stuck stuck. how do i help. what do we do now? we are drowning together. drowning hearts. heavy. mud. stuck. help. how do we help. stuck. heavy mud. how do we help? march. just march. how do you march in mud? underwater? drowning. soaked. soaked in tears. heavy clothes. sopping wet in our sisters tears. heavy heavy drowning in mud. in the mud you made from our tears and your filth. filthy dirt. dirty thoughts. dirty money. holding us under with dirty hands. how can we breathe? how are we expected to open our eyes? how are we expected to open yours? how do we help when we’re drowning? heavy. heavy heart.


(Photo by Jay L. Clendenin / LA Times via Getty)


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