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Sunday Funday

Today was the first Sunday I’ve spent entirely in Fort Wayne in a few weeks. A month maybe? I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to time, really. Anyway, last night Kyle informed me that I have photoshop (seriously, how did I not know that I’ve been paying for it for like, a year?!) and gave me a little tutorial on some things I wasn’t sure about. Naturally, when my friends told me they were going to get bloody marys, I tagged along and took some Sunday Funday pics!

I know I’ve talked about it on fb a bit, and I’m sure that’s where people find this blog from (wait, do people read this? hallo?) but I’m excited to officially announce that I am working on starting a podcast. I’ll post more about that as it comes along (currently acquiring equipment and figuring out software), but the basic premise will be interviewing and story telling about “average” people, and what makes them wonderful. I’ve immersed myself in the task of humanizing people (myself included) to others for a while, but in the wake of the election with all of the hate and vitriol and fear mongering, I think it is especially prudent. Through photos, audio podcasting, and this blog, I seek to highlight the silver thread that runs through all things. It’s hard to listen to someones voice, or look in their eyes, and deny them basic human rights, so maybe if I put enough voices and eyes in front of enough people, things will get a little easier. Maybe not, but I think we’ll all learn something about each other, and hopefully ourselves along the way. At the very least, I’m learning a couple things, so there’s that.

Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorite people having a lovely time and wishing it was maybe like, 20 degrees warmer. And a shot of the Rail, because it was lookin real sexy the other day.

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