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Beltane (also referred to as May Day) is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year I’m especially excited to be observing it. Beltane marks the center point between spring and summer, usually indicating the end of the colder, drearier days of spring and welcoming in the bright, hot, long days of summer.

Fern, Beltane, Spring, Summer, Nature

Beltane is a Sabbat celebrating fertility and crops, as well as the death of winter, and the union of divine feminine and masculine energies. It brings with it hope, excitement, creative and sexual energy, as well as a feeling of lighthearted camaraderie. As someone who struggles with seasonal depression, for me, Beltane represents a marked shift in vibrations between the stagnation of depression and a steady flow of positive, creative energy.

fiddlehead fern, hocking hills, fern, summer, beltane, spring

Beltane is at the opposite end of the wheel of Samhain (which falls near Halloween) and as such shares many commonalities. Many say the spirit veil is also lifted on Beltane, making it a great time to do spirit and spell work.

This is the time to reconnect with nature. Feel the soft ground beneath bare feet, cook with fresh, natural ingredients, work in a garden or walk among blossoming trees. It’s also a great day to meditate on relationships and foster new ones, build or join a new community, or observe your relationship to humanity as a whole.

Blossom, tree, spring, summer, beltane

Many Beltane celebrations include dancing around a MayPole, decorated with flowers and greenery. The flowers represent the goddess, or divine feminine energy, while the pole is a phallus, representing her masculine counterpart. Another common festivity includes jumping over a bonfire for good luck and protection in the season to come.

As a solitary witch, I tend to observe Sabbats in solitude. I won’t be dancing around a maypole on my own, but I will definitely be spending plenty of time soaking up the sun outdoors and doing readings for the season to come.

flower, spring, bloom, summer, beltane

Do you celebrate Beltane, May Day, or some other variation? Even if you aren’t a witch, do you notice a shift in energy or “vibes” around this time, specifically between April 30th & May 1st? Maybe you just notice the sun feeling a little warmer on your skin, a spring in your step, or intimacy on your mind. Either way, Happy Beltane.

All photos were taken by me, copyright reserved. 
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